Hey You!  We know Everybody has ‘Dreams.’ Dreams, Dreams, Dreams. Where You stand with yours? Cause you see, this here author of FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels and host of spiritjewelsinc.com is a Dream Merchant.



Can i offer to you for the satisfaction of your Soul, the promise of Dreams both new and old.

For its my preoccupation, my job, my ambition, my enterprise …to make your hopes, your desires, your dreams realized. You see i’m a peddler, a vendor of dreams wholesale and free.

Satisfaction is most definitely guaranteed that you will thoroughly totally be pleased…

Didn’t you know that Love is my dream specialty, that i’m just waiting to venture into business with ye.

Dreams… for the ideal romance to charm yo soul, to live happily ever after with your story book Hero.  Dreams do come true. Dreams…just for you.

It’s what we are about.  To Inspire such Dreamy Realizations.  We know that Life and our Destiny is one hellava Challenge, a mighty struggle. But have you taken ‘Inventory’ on your Strengths and Weaknesses, on ‘Just What Path you’re on?  Have You ever considered what the problem might be?


Status Quo Limbo

Sometimes we find ourselves in a state of limbo… laid back submerged in thoughts …feelings, emotions.   Lost drifting, seeking, needing wanting…  that something, that inspiration, motivation to … the answer. Yes, the answer to…

Meanwhile relaxed at the same time tense.  Neither here nor there there’s a casual excitement of giving birth to what’s next.

When it comes to Life and your Destiny, it always comes down to YOU.  You are always ‘the Problem,’ but more importantly, You are always the ‘Answer.’ Everything in your Life comes down to What ‘Choices’ You make [AND] Why!  And when Your Choices are Not Right… How can Your Life and Destiny be on the ‘Right’ Track’?


Lost Dreams

So…have you ever had a dream Love, dreamy feelings … lost. Lost in time, to conscience, to distractions of mind.

Dream that’s where, for what, how damn …when. Of dreams you remember kickin in visions, images, emotions to what they meant.  Dreams you once valued, reassured, cherished from the Heart … lost.

The Spirit Jewels of this Poetic Prophet is a Blessed Gift, whereby You can and will make a commitment as a strong and positive motivating Choice. Hey! You can only get out of Life what you put into It. We got the ‘Hook Up’ …So Readers, now You know it.


Where i Stand

i’m at the edge of tomorrow…at the beginning of yesterday…in the middle of now…while at the end of  again… again.

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