Spirit Jewels: God Factor

The divine beauty of the uniqueness within our book FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels is that it is ‘God Centered.’  In a book on Love, it must be centered on ‘God’ since ‘God is Love.’  The ‘Spirit’ of Love’s Divinity is a core message throughout this book. Me gets off on it! Compliments of Me, our Book’s author and host of spiritjewelsinc.com.

There’s no greater Presence, Existence, Truth than God, the Absolute Reality. And if you are not connected to the Light of God, you are Lost within a Dark Maze of Madness, Confusion, and Bull Shitz.  Therefore, it is necessary for Everyone to align with the most powerful force that exist if they want to not just survive self destruction, but to maximize their potentials and take it to the next level.

Every Human Being is a divine creation of God that is Unique, Special, and Beautifully Majikal.  But when someone is not connected to God and their gifted divine design, chaos is empowered.  Mucho problems.

FOR YOU WOMAN’S Spirit Jewels is designed to Awaken, Enlighten, and Inspire you Readers to your divine Destiny.  How else can we develop the potentials of our Mind, Spirit, Body, and Soul.  The Spirit of God empowers this process.  Everyone needs to be committed to having the best Mind, Spirit, Body, and Soul they could have.  Therein, lies the greatest rewards of empowering the potentials of their Life, Love, and Relationships.

This, my Friend is the purpose of Spirit Jewel’s mission; the importance in the ‘Absolute Reality’ of the ‘God Factor.’  Do Not be mistaken, FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels is a Poetic Art Work for a … Spirit Jeweled Connection within the Temple Godness… of our Mind, Spirit, Body, and Soul. A Factor is a Fact of Influence that is directly connected to its outcome, Nature, and Existence.

In Math it Multiplies its Value. You do the Math, is the Light of God Factored into your Life? The Bottom Line is that without a Connection to God and our Godness, I ask each reader… what the hell are you connected to???

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