Welcome to Me’s Chatroom!  This chatroom was created to speak directly to readers who are exploring the extraordinary book – FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels.

This ingenious ‘Work of Art’ is written by Miami’s own Poetic Prophet – Me, its author and self publisher. A book of raw Game, raw Intelligence, raw Inspirational Wonders all hidden and awakened in da rawest You’s… (smile). As you can glimpse, there’s nutthin like it, ever!


FOR YOU WOMAN * Spirit Jewels *

This website, chatroom and online community is the book’s extension of FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels Franchise. It is the Take Out window for ‘Change Your Mind[Set]’ Buffet, including desserts. Here is where you get to hang out in a culinary Cafe of Spirit Jewels delights. To ‘Feed’ and ‘Seed’ your Mind, Spirit, Body, and Soul. It’s here that you get to see, taste, smell, drink, and chew on… them Spirit Jewels of Life, Love and Destiny at its ‘Highest, ‘Deepest,’ and ‘Strongest levels.

Here You get to Feed, Think, Marvel, Understand and Connect with the ‘Best of You’ …Me (Smile). Here, Me gets to take you to the ‘Next Level.’

Spirit Jewels is designed to Awaken, Inspire and Upgrade change to your Spiritual Intelligence upon the Highest Quality of profound varieties. Hey! The more you know, the more you grow, the further you can go. Spirit Jewels is written for everyone. You All are invited and encouraged to come to our Chat Room found below and kick it about the book or posts. Ask questions about certain Poems, Essays, Chapters or Concepts.

Welcome unto ‘The Best of Me’… Down in the ‘Dirty South,’ ‘the Bottom,’ South Beach’s Hood*Star. Miami’s own Poetic Prophet of Spirit Jeweled Game keepin it Real.


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by Nathaniel Thurston (Writing as ME the Author)
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