The Ulti-Mate Connection

This title is from a Poem in the author’s book, FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels. It combines the Ultimate Connection that One can experience with their Mate.  How, Why, When is this possible?

First, we have to look at the Nature of  God’s grand design. God created Man and Woman: FOR EACH OTHER. We represent the Greatest evolution of Duality/Polarity Existence.  The scientific specialness of the Universe that comes in Pairs.  Day/Night, Life/Death, Positive/Negative, Up/Down, In/Out, Subjective/Objective, Infinite/Finite, Energy/Matter… there are many. But the Grandest is Man/Woman.

These examples embody the Nature of Opposites, their Relationships, and BALANCE! Yeah, a balance between Relationships of Wholeness, Completion, and ONEness. Cute, huh?

God designed Man and Woman as ‘Gateways’ whereby they have potential to Experience the Ultimate Connection with their Godness, the Universe, and the Rawest kind of Love (oou)… through the divine refinement their Body Temple’s Mind, Spirit, and Soul.

FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels and are complimentary Gateways for you readers seeking the refinement of their Mind, Spirit, and Soul.  Me got de hook up, baby! Who Me? Yeah, the Poetic Prophet, author, and host of we’s extraordinarily unique adventure within Destiny’s Ultimate Reading Experience.  Spirit Jewels.  Cause Me’s that Spirit Jeweled Gateway who mirrors this Ulti-Mate Connection. But you sensed this, huh. Me’s de ‘Keeper of the Gate.’ Let’s Do This!




The Ulti-Mate Connection

Love is…THE cosmic power that binds, that unite, that connect us to our other self, our alter Ego evolutionary karmic essence.

As we exist to co-habituate our fate with the Soul of our mate’s… purest, deepest, holiest of existence; we get to experience our magnetic super natural powers…  of our god child core.

…That merge, blend combine a mystic-ly majikal empowered Love channel thru yo partner.  A spirit jeweled fusion of sentimental omnipotent emotions, that stimulate the awakening of such divine revved elations beyond mere mortal illusions.

…Unto them imperfect connections em bodied as One Love, One us, One hellava union deep within One another’s ulti-mate destination.


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