FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels
by Nathaniel Thurston (Writing as ME the Author and Poet)

Since the beginning of time, there has been no greater gift than love. For You Woman: Spirit Jewels is a poetic expression of the four ways we experience love: through the mind, spirit, body, and soul.

As you dip into the dozens of fresh, imaginative poems in this collection, you’ll get swept away in a torrent of words vividly describing grand romantic gestures and dreams of the future. In “That Mystical Urge,” the author explores the deep, raw, and magical feelings of intimacy. “Could We” depicts the intensity and vulnerability of surrendering your heart. “The Big Bang” is a lyrical explosion of sensual intimacy and passion. And “The Oprean Empress” extols the virtues of Oprah Winfrey, the crown jewel of womanhood.

The book also includes several thought-provoking short stories and essays. “Sleeping Beauty” examines how darkness and ignorance can hinder any “princess” and how self-love conquers all. And “Love Letter” is addressed to the love not yet found but desperately desired.

Celebrating women, relationships, and the emotional phases of the heart, For You Woman: Spirit Jewels offers a transcendent journey for anyone seeking to indulge in the art of love.


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by Nathaniel Thurston (Writing as ME the Author)







The contents of this book are designed to appeal to your HIGHER MIND, to your elusively hidden divine intelligence. Its subject matter is designed to advance maturity. As Intellectual Spiritual Art it is NOT by editorial protocol. Whereby you will notice the author’s SIGNATURE Imprint is his lower case i’s. In order to absorb the maxims of profound truths that is contained herein, it is suggested that you re-read very carefully these contents. You will marvel in what you discover and will be inspired in the way it grows on and with you. So study the concepts and the wisdom it offers, while enjoying such artistic wonder. It’s all you!



Hello You,
Welcome into my Dream… of raw Love, raw Creative Intellect and them raw You’s in me. Upon Spirit Jewels that take you on a mystical ride of enchantment, awaiting you… Wom-an, a refreshing and deeply stimulating poetic adventure with Love, Life and Relationships. Spirit Jewels is centered on the essence, presence, the majik of our Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul. The Four dimensions of our very special Being. Whereby, i get to do you upon Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Propositions and plenty game to mate yo Immortality with Me mojo…


Love (SPIRIT) Chapter
We begin with defining this experience we feel as Love. From our first fleeting encoun-ter with Love, to our now complicated quirky demands on a feeling that still eludes defining. This First chapter breaks down the Spirit elements of Love’s essence.


Romance (MIND) Chapter
For You Woman is the Love of Mind, your very own personal romantic dialog with Love. An intimate courtship with Love ‘inside’ me, we, thee… Inside our dreams, fantasies and realities, taken oh so profoundly to the next level. For You Woman is a date with destiny on a majik carpet ride, a dance with ‘mind,’ the bliss of the perpetual pursuit of Love. Where we get to Romance such feelings, meanings and desires we need; while hoping you ‘do mind’ as i share jeweled romantic gifts of Love with thee.


Em (BODY) Chapter
For You Woman is the Physical sensation of Love, where me seduce thy Soul to the in-tense touch of those cosmic powers hidden in your Body. And only ‘cause it’s YOU, that we get to self indulge in them powerful erotic intensities of our bodies… thru the gate way of our rawest of instincts in shrewd foreplay, smile…


Inner (SOUL) Chapter
For You Woman is the Soul of Love. A Spiritual Love, spiritually experienced from deep within as religious like sacred revelations. For You Woman is a ‘Bible of Love,’ the Oneness of divine existence shared deep from our Souls. Love is the doorway to our Soul, the secret way to our hidden identity, to a destiny we unbeknowingly seek and need. (For Love is Soul You!) There is no greater jewel than the Spirit Soul of You.

The Art of LOVE Chapter

For You Woman is the Art of Love, for there is a ‘science’ to the artistic expression of Loving. A scientific art to ‘getting off’ righteously on Love the way we are meant to do. So, For You Woman is a ‘Handbook of Love,’ the art of the Relationship of Loving. This natural science is a natural way of Being you, simply by keeping it real with the basic Laws of Human Nature. For You Woman is the jeweled art of doing you.


Mood Chapter
For You Woman is the Moods we wear; for those mood swings, things, feelings and meanings we go thru that’s so you. For You Woman… my Spirit is your Friend, Lover and Confidant. For You Woman is a sanctuary, a refuge, a retreat into them different aspects of you. Into those unchanging changes within you we sensitively recognize as Moods… jeweled spectrums of yo Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul. So, are you in the mood?


For You Woman is the Spirit Jewel of Me, that ‘other you’ to those hidden majikal depths of that Man of Me submerged in you… that i mirror, reflect, and shine as yours. Me em-bodies that raw powerful Man (mind) of you. Me emerge as the way, the truth, the light of thee; only because you are made to be ‘mind’ all mine, the ‘Other Me’ to our immortal destiny. You see, you Woman is my deepest Me…

In short, For You Woman is a tribute, a celebration of you Woman for that ‘female es-sence – the Soul’ of our existence. That other half of ‘godness’ that’s so special, beautiful, so precious to we men. Me salute you Babe, ‘cause you’re ‘like that!’ You deserve to be en-shrined in your Immortality.

This book is For You Woman as a spirit jeweled gift of you, of me, of Love. The spirit of ‘WE’ is what Love is about; we are Love, you and me. Love is our mystical identity; that eternal destiny we are always in need of and constantly seek, knowingly. But most of the time unknowingly. Oh, but do not mistaken that this book is just for you women. It is for Love and the ‘we’ of Love is Universal, it is for everyone. So… For You Woman is for every Man kind, every Mind awakening.

For You Woman is for your inner Baby Girl’s Sweetheart… all grown up, realized and rec-ognized for the purity of such profound power of me… in that Spirit Jeweled Love of you.




For You Woman: Spirit Jewels introduces an innovative creative writing style of Poetic Intellectual Art that incorporates a mix of profound insights and spiritual wonders of Love, Life and Relativity.

Its central subject matter of Love is forged upon the FOUR ways we experience Life: Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul.

For You Woman: Spirit Jewels manifest as Creative Masterpieces of Poetry, Prose, Short Stories and Propositions. That is capped with a chapter on The Art of Love.

Spirit Jewels is a phonetical metaphor of a ‘Spiritual’ adventure of enchanting philosophical visions and revelations of our most intimate, intense and powerful needs with shrewd poetic twists that seduces the senses. Majik and mysticism permeates the avant-garde life-force that this book generates. It’s a truly unique, gourmet, reading experience.


Review Written by Dan Neumann
Nathaniel Thurston (ME) wrote a body of poems, essays, and micro-stories that you’ll end up reading like a devotional. Each poem is typically only a page or two long at the most, but you’ll be tempted to digest and reflect on its truths for a time before going on to the next page. The elephant in the room, of course, is Thurston’s 30-year residency in jail. For some of you purchasing “For You Woman,” that may be the reason why you’re interested in the book in the first place.

I’ll tell you now that it comes through strongly that these writings amount to a legal prison break. He has broken through the bars and the bondage of incarceration by communing with the spirit of God/Goddess/Love– freeing his mind and soul. This book reminds the reader that sex shouldn’t be sought for carnal lust, but for the unparalleled spiritual connection it can afford if we’re in the correct state of mind.

Thurston is more-or-less speaking to females in general in his poetry, but don’t let that discourage male readers. These poems will inspire you to recognize the divinity in women (and even woo them). Due to the maturity and the unadulterated veracity of the message, “For You Woman” is NOT bedtime reading for youngsters.