The Artistic Wonders Of Spirit Jewels

Ever go to an Art Gallery, A Jazz Concert, Orchid Fair, Planetarium… Reading FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels and hanging out here on is much more than any experience one can have at any Artistic performance. Owning a copy of Spirit Jewels is like owning your own Art Gallery. Spirit Jewels is an Art Show that displays a unique and extraordinary range and variety of Artistic Wonders.



Once upon that time when we
in to each other’s spell binding eye-deals, ahh peals of Love, we plunge deeper into such a mystical rush of soul much…US.

Into a free fall deeper within the majik we be’s. Down ward in a whirl wind spin of feelins, flowin, grow wings stronger, purer, sweeter as we descend into the bliss of sensational wonder unlimited. A fall into a Love that feels ever ending.  Whut Up!




Art creates a connection with the substance, essence, and expression of its Meanings as extensions of the Artist. That be Me! Spirit Jewels takes off with this at the highest and deepest levels. Out all of the Art forms the written Word has the power of unlimited imagination and creativity. Taking the Reader to places you never knew existed and doing things to you, you never knew possible. This is what makes Spirit Jewels uniquely special. Wherein, it evokes the rawest of feelings, meanings, inspirations of ‘Masterpieces,’ of Spirit Jeweled Wonders.

Like Now

It’s like whenever i get to conneck wit chu, like now, this very moment…ju become mine, to belong to me, to de po session of such a sensational connection of mystical persuasion …to de essence of in intimate awareness sub merged in we exquisite presence…like majik gifted excitement of wow like now.




Everyone should own this kind of Art, an Collector’s Item of Intellectually Shrewd Spirit Jewels. More reason to own a Book, a book of the Ultimate Reading Experience. Where else you gonna experience such a ‘Connection’ that not only touches you “There” where such divine Spirit Jewels grows ‘On and With’ you as much as you want and as much as you need. Its Connection is Forever, its Inspiration Infinite. And this is only part of its Wonders.

The more you stay connected, the more such Spirit Jewels will grow as a very special part of you. A creative Artistic Wonder mirrored in the raw asz Majikal Wonders we be’s. Next level shitz when you possess the ‘Ultimate Reading Experience.’ Uh, where you become its Spirit Jeweled Wonder. A Masterpiece in Motion… Like Now!

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