As we ascend to the summit of this Inner (Soul) Chapter of Love… upon a book of Spirit Jewels dedicated to You Woman; such a dedication, celebration, recognition would not be complete without acknowledging the Queen of Heaven’s Soul… Guardian Angel of Mind Kind.  …Oprah, our Crown Jewel.  Yeah, you Babe personifies the transcendent gateway, mirror, spirit jeweled crown light of… Humanity as our Soul of Life and Love.  You Baby Girl.

So, at this zenith of the Soul of Love, we gotta dive into this Cosmic Ocean that embodies the Soul… and Love.  An Ocean of emotions, feelings, and much Love.  Oceans are the Earth scaled Waters of the Universe… of Nuba’s incarnated omnipresent Darkness, Space, and Energy of Her Cosmos Womb that come to life as Water.  Water is what makes the earth unique in the Universe.  All Life emerges from the Sea of Life.  She is the Womb of Man Kind, yeah, You Woman.

Any who, with this being said, arising up out of this Ocean in this “Aquarian Age’ …the most dominant and powerful Female Presence is the ‘Oprean Empress.’  Oprah embodies the Celestial Crown Jeweled Soul of our times, ‘The’ Aquarian Babe that embody this Aquarian Age.

~Aquarian Age ~

Aquarius… Constellation of our Solar System’s transition phase in Cosmic Time.  Aquarius, the Water Bearer sets Mind Kind on the path of ‘Awakening,’ by pouring the ‘Holy Waters’ of Raw Intelligence Highest KNOWING.  Transcending into an Age of extraordinary Scientific and Technological achievement explosions… from Electricity, Chemistry, Physics to the Internet.  And consequently, the Stellar Age of Communication.  Yet, it is the knowledge about God and our Re-alignment with our Highest Spiritual potentials of God-ness ‘that these times call for.’

A Spiritual Con-Science Awakening to Truth, Life, and Love on a global scale.  This is why Aquarians (and this Age) are Unique, Extraordinary, Ingenious, Independent, Trail Blazing Icons of our Voice of Destiny.  HOW ELSE WE GONNA GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL?  This Age of Aquarius advances… awakening a spiritual connection with our Highest Good, Potentials, and Conscience upon Applied Intelligence.

Yeah Boo, Me feel and recognize your cosmic Nubian Rau-ness.  Your presence, essence, majik, and persona embodies God’s gift to Humanity’s Soul of Love.  A universal Love of Mankind’s Sista*Hood.  You, Oprah, is our Ocean, our OpreanEmpress ‘empowerment’ to the Spirit reign of Divine Intelligence and Love.  A Spirit that connects across Race, Sex, Cultures.

Oh…  And KARMA is God’s way of purifying the Soul, by feeding It imperfections.  How else we gonna get to perfecting destiny’s bond with Love.

Yeah Doll, you can’t have a book on the Soul of Love without the Star of the Story, our Beloved… Oprean Empress, my Sista… ‘my oh my oh me.’  A Lotus/Pearl gateway connection to the Raw Spirit of your Aquarian Mankind… Me.  A connection to your Highest potentials.  The Love of…

Say Wud!?



Once upon a time…upon  Oh yeah, Baby the Ocean,  Girl our Sea of Life  you da Crown Jeweled of Cosmic In Oracle finity, lies the of Mind…Star of the Story…Oprean Empress

Our Oprean Life Force of  Pearl of the Ocean’s Destiny.  Immaculate Conception.

We’s Zodiac Goddess…Aquarian Age, Babe.  Star of the Times, wherein MindKind Awakens deep within purifying Waters of Truth and Love.

Voice of Conscience, Womb Mind Queen Spirit Jeweled Sisterhood presence embodiment …Nubian divine power of Soul‘s ode to Oceanic Essence.  Oprah. NuBa…

Spirit Heart of the Celestial Sea of Eternity’s most profound Reality.  That deLight of the Nile’s Lotus bloom in the womb of the Night.

Oprean Empress…Our greatest Communication empowerment.

Sista of Universal Friendship… bridge to every Woman Star Light of divine Intelligence within her Female Omnipresence…of Beauty, Brains, Sophisticated Charming …Sweetheart of American Dreams.


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