Now just what is this truly profound meaning of Love that we mere mortals have fail to understand it ?  Let’s attempt to define this elusive ‘thingamajig’ we call Love that really transcends any definition we apply.

When we look at the nature of Love, we can see that it is an energy… a Spiritual Energy. And when we add scientific application, logic can only deduce Love as a binding ethereal form of ENERGY…   A Pure Raw Intangible Chemistry of Electro-Magnetic Energy.  You get that, Hahaha.  Without getting too technical…

Love is an Energy:  It’s Intangible and has no physical form, so it is invisible/hidden.  Yet Chemistry is a science of the elements of matter, whereby, its atoms are made of electrons and protons that make up Electromagnetism.  Held together by the Strong Force of Physics, this same Force is the same polarity energy of a magnet that joins and hold thru Love, Man and Woman.

Now the hidden or ‘esoteric’ meaning of Love’s pure raw magnetic energy comes from a divine source, of course.  This source, the origin of Love is the HEART of GOD.  Love comes from God and must return to the ‘heart of God.’  God is not just the hidden source of Love, God is Love’s DESTINY.  For God is not just where Love must return, but where WE also MUST RETURN!  This is why Love is a magnetic energy, so that we can return to our original source.  Love is our vehicle, our ride back home to our true destination, God.

Love is God’s Spirit, for it is in God’s Spirit that we experience this pure raw magnetic energy we know as Love.  Love comes from the SOUL of God, it’s God’s spirit and this spirit of God is LIFE!  Love is Life and just as the Heart pumps the blood of life to all parts of the body, God’s spirit pumps the life of Love to all parts of its universal, infinite, cosmic body.  And we all know that the blood of Life and Love has nowhere else to go but back to the heart from whence it came.  Life is a powerful lifeforce from which we experience and confirm our knowledge of God.  God is Life… and Love.  Love is the ‘majik’ of God and of Life…


The Ulti-Mate Connection

Love is…

THE cosmic power that binds, that unite, that connect us to our other self, our alter Ego evolutionary karmic essence.

As we exist to co-habitate our fate with the Soul of our mate’s … purest, deepest, holiest of ex zistence; we get to experience our magnetic super natural powers…  of our god child core.

…That merge, blend combine a mystic-ly majikal empowered Love channel thru yo partner.  A spirit jeweled fusion of sentimental omnipotent emotions, that stimulate the awakening of such divine revved elations beyond mere mortal illusions.

…Unto them imperfect connections em bodied as One Love, One us, One hellava union deep within One another’s ulti-mate destination.

Now if we penetrate a little deeper into this thang we know as Love, we gets to self indulge in its wonderful majik since Love’s nature is purely majikal.  And as we break down the underlying qualities of the nature of Love we get to realize much betta this majik.



We experience Love through its most basic and fundamental manifestation…  our Feelings.  Love is a deeply profound and intensely intimate sensation of our SPIRIT, of a deep force field of energy generated from within us.  So we feel each other’s energy, both subtle and dynamic-ly.  Love is that deep feel from Life that touches the wonders of you.

We know Love thru the way it makes us FEEL. Whereby the manifestation of these feelings is simple; different individuals evoke different flavors, different intensities, different depths of the powerful feel of Love.

What we need to understand is that WE FEEL WITH ALL OUR SENSES.  We touch with each and every one of our senses, all of em, all eleventeen.


WE FEELWith our EYES thru SEEING                                                       

 With our NOSE thru SMELLING          

With our EARS thru SOUND 

With our SKIN thru TOUCH 

With our MOUTH thru TASTE 

With our MIND thru THOUGHTS

With our AURA thru VIBES


With our HEART thru LOVE

It is important to understand that whatever we experience, we touch that encounter, that object, that person, their meanings.  We touch its substance. And that TOUCHING and FEELING is one and the same MAJIK, cause when we touch we feel and when we feel we touch in so many ways.   So, For You Woman and your many array of senses, you get to feel SENSATIONAL as you smile on this.


Feelings are the VIBRATIONS generated from the substance of that someone or something’s energy as it jells with you. So, what you feel as Love is that connection with their Vibes.  And the purer the Love, the deeper and stronger the vibe of Love will be. Thus, vibes are the raw energy of your magnetic field, vibrating its spiritual energy of our Love.  So, it is thru the sensations of your Vibes that You Woman get to experience Love

You Feel Me?!


( Continued… )

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