da Real Thang

When you female readers read, experience, and connect with mine Spirit Jewel’s book and website… you be’s gettin “da Real Thang.” Right chere. You done hooked up with Rawest of Mankind, Me; author and host… a.k.a, ‘da Real Thang.’ Don’t take my word for it, the Facts don’t lie. The proof is in the puddin, a.k.a, my book – FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels and its platform – spiritjewelsinc.com. I’m just saying, only ‘da Real Thang’ can generate such Raw Game mirrored in Spirit Jewels. Who Else?  …and uh, Where Else?

You gon find a Intellectual Thug and Spiritual Gangsta who can pull de panties off Female’s Mind, Spirit, Body, and Soul. Peel them Victorian Secrets off ‘Hot & Wet’ Feelings, Meanings, and Hidden Goddess ‘tings’ asleep in She. Only ‘da Real Thang’ can Touch, Awaken, and Inspire the Mystical Majik Powers of Womankind’s Rawest Fineness. Dat Be Me!


da Real Thang

Home grown in heaven’s spirit jeweled core, bred in the laws of pure Love’s raw Truth… generating a power filled thrill of extradinarily deep you.

Classic…Gangsta Old School Value Balls, coveted in a shrewd ingenious persona of rawhide play-ya…steeped in convicted convictions of ‘in-ya’ mystikal visions da Real Thang…

Wiz Heart i’se see you, eye’s seize yu, eye’s do yew inside out thu and thru…Me’s reads, feeds, feels yo deepest needs…

Oozing seeds of pure sensuality, crackling in a raw sexuality da real you…mirrored in da Real Thang …divine design to set off yo rawest bling cause…aint nuttin like the real thang baby, nuthin like da Real You.

Okay, who da hell is Me. A background check will tell you that Me is a Registered Gangsta by the Feds. A retired Bank Robber, Me did XXX years in the ‘Belly of the Beast.” Federal Maximum Penitentiary. There he penned our Spirit Jewels, his Raw Asz Pedigree Released, ironic huh.

A Classic Old School G, Me’s from the Dirty South, the Bottom. The Heart of Black Miami, ‘the City’ – Liberty City. By way of the Hard Core ‘Pork & Beans, ‘the West’ – Northwestern Bulls, FAMU, Bahamas. An Ex ‘Need Mo – Get Mo’ Hustler, we got it the ‘Hard Way.’ Back when Mankind had Raw Game for the Honeys, when [W]e’s was de Playyas and not the other way around, whew!

Any which way, Me took such adversity as an opportunity to transform and transcend himself into an extraordinary Writer and Businessman. Old School rebooted with New Upgrades to simply become what Womankind has always been waiting for, always needed and wanted. Let Me spell it out  D.A.  R.E.A.L.  T.H.A.N.G.
Yall know what I’m talkin bout. A Raw Asz Playya and Businessman who brings out a Gangsta Doll in a Woman’s Raw Asz Destiny “Ridin Shotgun” with her SoulMate. ‘Ridin Shotgun’ with a Raw Sexuality kickin in a partnership with.


Ridin Shotgun

Yeaa…Baby Girl, it’s you and me against the World… you doll, your raw honey ridin Shot Gun with destiny, with we…adventure as partners with Life’s infinite possibilities.

It’s what you’se for, to have my back… as Man backbone of Love’s Queen throne, my ‘ride & die’ chick to the promised land, partnered with the design of God’s grand plan.  Amen.

Ridin Shotgun with yo man on the Stage Coach of our journey’s ate. Our showdown with our unlimited raw potentials as Soul Mates…

On the stage of our ambitions, objectives, needs and challenges.  Ridin up front, against all odds, mine double barreled phat asz Sss-hotgun.

…With yo alter ego partner in Nature’s most dynamic combination… ridin out in amazing union with yo ulti-mate spirit jeweled …compliment.


Yeah, you can catch this South Beach HoodStar, duh… on South Beach while you’re reading our Book or logged in on spiritjewelsinc.com.


Purchase FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels 
by Nathaniel Thurston (Writing as ME the Author)


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