Goddess of Mind

Take a look around, where there’s a world suffering from soul much ‘Negative Energy’ on every level, everywhere. It’s no wonder Love, Life, and Relationships are fukked up. And therefore, more reason for those seeking “A Secret Place” to self indulge intimately deep ‘Connections’ thru this Gateway¤ that fate has blessed thee with… the gift of ‘FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels’ and spiritjewelsinc.com.
A Gateway that mirrors the author and owner of them both as a Poetic Prophet. A Spiritual Gangsta bred connect with his divine female ‘other,’ Awaken and Inspire ‘She’ Goddess destiny within… her Majik, Beauty and raw Potentials.

So in a book that dedicate Spirit Jewels to and For You Woman, it is because Me knows EVERY Woman as a Goddess, a ‘Baby Girl’ of God and Mine divine worship.

Goddess of Mine

My God is…a God-dess embodied Soul divinely refined in you Woman. Deitess of my faith, the religious devotion of my deepest worship.

My God is…in your Love Woman as Goddess of my Heart and Soul, that force that grows stronger and deeper each second that i breathe.  Baby girl you are every reason that i live.

My God is…the Womb Mind of all my power, my secrets, my strengths, my weaknesses.

That sweet kiss of my beginnings, the climaximum of my end…My Supreme Lover, my very best friend, my mountain, gentle breeze, that infinite ocean of all my needs.

My God is…a Virgin…the Angel purity of all that matters, the immaculate Mother of all life. The virgin womb to our hidden light, that celestial starship of my heavenly flight.

My God is…that biblical HARLOT, prostitute, fine asz whore…the mistress of the symbolic Spirit into Matter intercourse.

Lost in the sins of self indulging forever, embodied in our Temple Being sensual secrets of Love’s sacred Sexy Dreams.

My God is…a Priestess, a Sorceress, Enchant tress of our mystical existence.  A Witch, a Wench, a ride and die with her Man Biz-zitch.  Yeah, my Goddess is a Gangsta Queen Bee … ba-ba-ba-Babe, ridin shotgun vibing a high caliber security incantation of spell binding obsession to our psychic connection, rising to her highest yin as my lucky charmed Angel talisman, that mystery REVELATION misunderstood in the image of you Woman.

Yeah, my God is phat aszed, cerebral, a soul stirring seduction of bedroom eyes, that make a profound connection to our most hot bodied holiness … deeply realized.

My God is LOVE…

Goddess LOVE

As, In, Is  You Woman.

So, as you can see, our book is centered in the Spirit Jewels of God FOR YOU WOMAN in a world infested with the mentality of bitches, ho’s, sluts, skeezers, dumb cunts, tramps, gold diggers, she-devils, etc. A lot of women are caught up in back stabbing slander and bull shittin drama in their lives for a reason.
Ain’t no accidents. Truth be told, a lot of Women are poisoned damaged goods from no good or negative family, friends, and men. You are what you eat, therefore, such negative feedback programs yall to act a fool.
Hey, Love only Loves. So, Love is not the problem, it’s you. You generate and attract bull shitz when you’re full of shitz and make bad choices. It’s just that simple. Change your Mindset and Attitude and you change and control your Destiny.
Yeah, Baby Girl, the Gods have looked out for you cause you’re at a hellava Gateway cafe. All you can eat Soul Food buffet. Eat to your Destiny as mine Goddess of Mind. But you still have to be careful about what else you eat. And take a laxative, dammit. Flush da bull shitz. Seek your higher Mind. Cause when you’re connected to God, you’re connected to unlimited potentials and possibilities.
Me welcome you and look forward to you being at home with your Godness. Cause this Spirit Jeweled Angel… Loves You! And that raw sexy asz Goddess you embody.

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