Raw Game For Mankind

Fellas, in a book titled FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels… don’t get it twisted. It’s a book of raw asz ‘Game,’ written for ‘Insight’ into connecting with the highest levels of the ‘Honey’s.’ Who got ‘Game’?

The author, Me, Miami’s own Poetic Prophet applies shrewd communication skills in his approach to setting out the deepest realities of Love, Life, and Relationships. When you Game it implies that you are ready to ‘Play’ by the rules of the Player. To engage in the ‘Sport’ of their kind of Love, Life, and Relationships.



Umm, you game for some game, for some raw knowledge, shrewd wisdom and sweet fruits of humble fame.
i mean like kickin the politiks of Love, success or the secrets to your very being. Where we share the wines of them deep, deep, deep meanings of you and God even…

You game for your finite brain to burst infinitely into flames with passions of da game of game…sooo, you game.

Mack-A-Roni, baby, with jalapeno cheese. Raw Game for the lames. Lets take a look at Mankind. The Bible declares that Man is created as the ‘Greater Light’ (Sun) to ‘Head’ (lead) his Woman (Moon) lesser Light. In the present state of Mankind… Times have changed, the roles reversed. Womankind is the Playyas now. But not without a price. The natural order of the Universe, of God’s plan is in chaos.

How can Women (the Moon) give birth to her Mans light when he’s impotent, ignorant, and lost. It’s why Love, Life, and Relationships are fukked up. Mankind don’t got no game, they weak and stupid for the most part… for the wrong reasons. Therefore, Womankind is weak and stupid… duh, for the wrong reasons.

This is why Mankind and Womankind will Love FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels and spiritjewelsinc.com. For the Raw Game of an Intellectual Thug and Spiritual Gangsta shine under the ‘Greater Light’ of Me.

Who can’t use Raw Game to upgrade their Love, Life, and Relationships. Tell your Family, friends, everyone. Share, like, give them the gift of Spirit Jewels.




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by Nathaniel Thurston (Writing as ME the Author)


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